I hung around after the end of term, having officially finished my first year of study at Exeter University, in order to participate in a fantastic production called THE GAME (more coming on that at a later date). It has felt as though I have been studying at Exeter to my whole life and, at the same time, haven’t been there five minutes yet.

This year has been incredible for me. Within a fortnight of arriving at university I had successfully gone through my first audition and landed a lead role in a play that helped make some of my closest friends in Exeter, and since then I haven’t had a break from being involved in various productions. It hasn’t all been sunshine and puppies by any means, this year has brought a lot of very difficult adjustments in my personal life but, looking forward, I’m hoping they were all for the best.


I have just finished cleaning my room in my parents’ house to within an inch of its life all ready to unpack my unnecessary number of belongings for the eight or so weeks which I will be home for. Putting my feet up triumphantly, with a cup of coffee perched beside me to cool, I look towards the coming weeks with a slight sense of dread. How am I going to fill two months of my life with worthwhile endeavours whilst in a small town with a) no theatrical prospects, b) none of my close university friends and c) no job as of yet?

So I am making a few mid-year resolutions and setting some goals to make the most of this summer. I don’t want to turn up back in Exeter to realise I’ve wasted time as this first year has flown by so quickly, I can’t imagine how fast the rest of my time is going to go.

Firstly, this blog. This has been a platform for some rather unproductive and often ill-informed ramblings which often turned in to mud-slinging wars although the posts were only ever designed as a way for me to vent. However, I would like to turn it into a well-kept blog. I am annoyed with myself for not keeping a better record of the journey I have gone through this year and making notes throughout the rehearsal processes for the various plays I have done, so I’m going to make a promise to myself to keep a more thorough account of things over the next two years.

Secondly; THEATRE! I worked as an assistant director on a production of Dracula last term, but haven’t felt prepared to go it alone since year 11 when I wrote Sketch with my father. This summer, however, I want to put myself in a good position to start creating theatre that is all my own. Already dad and I have a play in the works which I am very excited about but don’t want to go into detail about just yet, and I am writing something myself although God knows if that will ever come to anything. But, at this rate, I shall have a minimum of one original play to direct next year.

Getting a job is a priority only in so much as I won’t be able to survive without one, so sadly a lot of time which could be used for writing or procrastinating is actually going into looking at potential places of employment.

As well as writing a play for next year, I am absolutely determined to start collating the notes I’ve been making over the past three years for a sort of story/set of short stories I have been trying to write. I have two crates full of lose pages of notes for this bloody thing and it’s time I put them to use and got them in some sort of order before I lose the plot and go completely insane.


In other news, as well as making far-fetched plans of fame and fortune through my humble scribbling, I am absolutely delighted to announce that I am now an official member of the Exeter Theatre Collective.

Again, more information on this at another time as right now my coffee is getting cold and I really need to figure out which box I packed my underwear in to come home before the situation becomes desperate…